Sunday, September 27, 2009

Driving in the Virtual World

Do you know what it takes to be a good driver?  And a bad driver?  Well, think again.  I reviewed all my concepts at New Mexico State Fair.

And if, in the future, you see me on the streets driving my Honda, be afraid, very afraid...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brazil Produces the Best Adverts in the World

This one could well be used in the deserts of the US.  All can do it and save millions of gallons of water a year without flushing the toillet unnecessarily.


Pee in the shower.
We want all to do it.
Or Not
Halfmen halfmonster
Things from another world (* ghosts)
Brazilian Legends
Greek Legends
Good People
Not so good people
Art Geniuses
Science Geniuses
Movie Monsters
So, if you pee, you are invited
A flush spends 12 litres of clean water
In a year it is 4.380 litres
Pee in the shower
Help the Atlantic Forest (* native forest in the southeast and south of Brazil)

Under God's Protection

Do you display an outdoor Catholic statue to express your faith? on Twitpic

I can't wait to have my house back, and have a Statue of the Holy Family outside, guarding our house.

My husband better be careful, or the house can easily look like a chapel in few months.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bag

NOT ONLY AM I PERFECT I'M ITALIAN TOO! Totebag (Cotton Tote / Bag)

A bag can be used for many things, by every type of person. Sometimes its function is just to contain things inside and be thrown from here to there.  Some people use their bags with care.  Some people don't care.  Specially at the airport, your bag can be a Louis Vuiton or come from Argos, once it is checked-in, it all rolls without care, they will be all kicked and all will be made to danify them to the max.  It doesn't matter what is inside or who owns it.  If it is not yours, it is more likely that it will be treated as a bag of shit.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bring Sean Home - an update

Unfortunatelly this story hasn't had an end yet.  We all still hopefull that justice will be made.  Read on the link bellow a brief interview with David, this morning.  And I sincerelly hope to post next the long awaited news that Sean is finally with his father, David Goldman, on his way home, in New Jersey.  May God bless you, guys.

Bring Sean Home—The Forgotten Story

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Monday, September 07, 2009

The One and Thruly Great Country of This World

De Independencia falsa e forjada, e nem assim conseguiram destruir nosso país.  Enquanto vivemos, esperamos que essa grandeza seja alcancada na sua plenitude.

Ninguém chega aos pés do meu Brasil Amado!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

My House

I dream of a blue sky.  A warm place where I can be with my father again.  I will be very happy with my father, my grandparents and all my uncles and aunts I miss so much. All cats I had during my life will be there too. There I will have a house.  My house. A place to call mine, that will be mine forever and I will never be humiliated again.  God will give me the keys to that house and there won't be anyone to force me out.  The Holy Spirit will be the guardian of my house and evil spirits won't find the way there.  I will be protected by the Holy Trinity.

My house will be bright and warm, with a big comfortable living room, where my friends are always welcomed.  There will be food.  Fresh and delicious food prepared by me everyday, arrive there at 3pm to have a piece of cake, just out of the oven, with a delicious coffee.  My bedroom will have a comfortable bed and a fluffy pillow. Bright, airy, clean, comfortable and peaceful.  All I will need in that house are my books and my music. 

From that house I will never be thrown out, because that will be my house.  There will have no bathtubs, only wonderful powerful showers, one bathroom only for me, and no one knocking the door teeling me to leave.  I will be able to listen to my jazz, Tchaichowsky, Bach and Ravel at full blast, while I'm doing my manicure, my pedicure, taking care of myself, in peace.  I will dance all day. God will be there with me all times, Our Lady will sit in our table everyday and will embrace us all with that very comforting warmth.  I want to eat and drink from the Thruth everyday, and never have to starve or be homeless again.  Whatever happens in this life, it is not important.  Only the True Life with God is what we should be prepared for.



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