Friday, December 24, 2010

May Jesus be the Guest of Honor in your Christmas

For us God is not some abstract hypothesis; He is not some stranger who left the scene after the “Big Bang.” God has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. In the face of Jesus Christ we see the face of God. In His words we hear God Himself speaking to us.
Benedict XVI  
John and Andrew had faith, because they had certainty in a perceptible Presence. When they were there ... seated at His house, toward evening, looking at Him speak, there was a certainty in a perceptible Presence of something exceptional, of the divine in a perceptible Presence. ...
Instead of Him with His hair in the wind, instead of watching Him speak with His mouth opening and shutting, He arrives through our presence, which is like ... fragile skin, the fragile masks of something powerful, which is He who lies within.
Luigi Giussani
William Congdon, Nativity, 1960.
©The William G. Congdon Foundation, Milan

A blessed Christmas to all!


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