Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm shocked

Well, I've certainly heard about static electricity before, but I was born in Rio de Janeiro, very humid, and that was like snow: something I would only read about and never really experienced, sounding like another "foreign myth".

Until I came to NM... In April it happened a few times, combing my hair and it going up, trying to reach the roof. It was funny then. But now, there is nothing funnier.

We were walking around Walmart, I hold hubby's arms, and there is a shock. I laughed. Then at home, another one. And there was the neighbour's cat which I tried to hold and several shocks came through. And those things start to become more and more frequent, until the time I tried to kiss my hubby and his lips gave me a shock! I know there is some buzz and electricity in love but this is ridiculous!!!

I keep asking Gerald what I can do to stop it and he only laughs... "You will need to get used to this, hun". Are you serious that I will have to go through it all my life from now on???? Help! Any alternatives, please?


Monday, November 24, 2008

Communion and Liberation

Don't you know what it is? Go and read here. I am looking for fellow members in NM, are you one of them?

"The essence of the CL charism is the proclamation that God became Man; in the affirmation that this man -- Jesus of Nazareth, who died and rose again -- is a present event, whose visible sign is communion, that is to say, the unity of a people led by a living person, the Bishop of Rome in the awareness that it is only in God made Man, and hence within the life of the Church, that man is more true and humanity is truly more human. "


Saturday, November 22, 2008


What do you mean "don't panic"? I was panic-ing. I had to pack my bags to come to NM in November, didn't know what to put in my backpack. My body is certainly "heat proof" - while everybody is sweating profusely during summer in Rio, I am just fine - but it will never be "cold proof". You can see that in the old post about my first trip to Sandia Peak when I had layers on and Gerald was happily wearing only a shirt and jeans.

Well, Gerald had been telling me not to worry because the weather during autumn is quite warm. Err, ok, but what is warm for him is not exactly warm for me. So I've packed all cashmere I have and planned to buy heavier stuff while in here. Even when the online thermometer I usually check was telling me that ABQ was warmer than Niteroi!

We've gone to Taos last week, and what happened? 4 seasons in a day, and total panic with the amount of snow in the Ski Village as I've never seen any more than a few minutes of snow in London. So the pictures can show: few layers on, all layers out, all layers and heavier coat, gloves, hat, boots on!!!! In a matter of few hours!! I am now wondering how is that winter in the desert. Lord, what is that down the road for me???


Saturday, November 08, 2008


I know my father is in heaven now blessing us:

On Wednesday I became officially Mrs. Gerald :-) The real thing - Church Wedding still have to wait for a couple of months. But the judge and my hubby's family offered us a magical evening together.



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