Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London Riots - Crying for London

We are now crying for beautiful London.  The best city in the world is being destroyed by a bunch of idiots.  I sincerely hope the Met will be able to control London riots sooner rather than later.  I could not find any article in any newspaper with any justification or explanation about what is going on now.  Maybe because there isn't any really.

Those yobs have everything paid by the tax payer: the best schools, housing, food, taxes, clothes in many cases, weekly earnings higher than national minimum wages. They don't work by choice, they don't want to. Living on benefits is a lot more comfortable than work to earn a living. They don't have a cause to fight for. They are attacking innocents just for fun. Destroying business, stealing all they can, terrorizing the population just for the sake of it. They are the same kids that destroy all common areas in council estates, that leave feces on public lifts and burglar flats while its dwellers are at work.

British government is like a protective mother that gives so much to her kids that ended up spoiling them. They are not "rioting" because they have too little, but because there is too much offered to them, leaving them  inept and unable to cope with real working life.

Clapham Junction Station: my daily route to work

Look at how the yobs are all smiling and having fun!

Terrorizing innocents on the street

Do the police care so much about their "human rights" to fight?

Rioters are stripping down passers to steal their belongings and clothes

This is what their fight is about: get new clothes and trainers without having to pay for it


If you live in the UK and find it all a total disgrace, consider signing the petition to suspend benefit payments to all arrested due to the riots. Click on the link bellow to access the petition:

Convicted London rioters should loose all benefits



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