Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brazilian media exposure for David Goldman

Finally we got what we really needed: exposure in the Brazilian media. Without Brazilian public support this case is going nowhere.

I know this is a difficult concept for foreigners to understand, but the law in Brazil works according to people's relations, and NOT by the law. Sounds weird? It is, but our culture is like that for centuries - if there is anyone interested in that I can send a list of studies developed to explain that theory, including one from a Harvard PhD Anthropologist . Being the criminals a well-known and reputable law firm it is very difficult for David to win this case, unless there is popular pressure in Brasil. I know Americans are making a great effort and sending emails to representatives and Senators, but this has no effect in Brasil whatsoever. Judges over here can decide on the criminals side only to show USA that here they are those who have the power. This situation can only be different if it is well-know in Brazil by the main media powers.

Having said that, this morning two of the most influential newspapers in the country commented on yesterday's meeting between father and son. We need those to be comented and spread out so to get more attention from other influential papers.

Find the links here for Estadao, and here for Zero Hora.


Update: Watch his interview this morning for The Today Show.

This is fantastic! It is now in the online version of the main Brazilian newspaper - that is based in Rio - O GLOBO.
Now, it is a matter of hours for all the case to appear on national Tv. And this is what David needs to win the case.

Monday, February 09, 2009

David Goldman finally meets his son

The visit was fixed in court for today. As it happened before and the stepfather disapeared with the child on visit day I prefered to see what would happen this time. And David finally met his son as you can read here.

Or read the news bellow:
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — A New Jersey man and his 8-year-old son have been reunited after 4 years. David Goldman and his son, Sean, hugged, shot baskets and splashed in a pool Monday. The reunion was witnessed by U.S. Rep. Christopher Smith. The New Jersey Republican is trying to help the Tinton Falls man win custody.

A court ruled last week that Goldman could visit as a possible first step toward gaining custody. The boy was taken to Brazil by his mother when he was 4. She remarried and died last year after giving birth to another child. David Goldman was denied visitation until Smith increased political pressure last week. Another court hearing in the case could come as soon as Wednesday.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Superior Tribunal Hearing today on Sean Goldman's case

The oficial site é http://bringseanhome.org/

Today's hearing was at 2pm, GMT -2 time. We don't have access to the results yet, just some brief coments on the Superior Tribunal website: http://www.stj.gov.br/portal_stj/publicacao/engine.wsp?tmp.area=398&tmp.tex...

Leia tudo sobre esse caso de aberracao jurídica na comunidade do orkut: http://www.orkut.com.br/Main#Community.aspx?cmm=70742445

If you are touched by that story somehow, please spread the news. Any click can help.

É muito sério! Acesse.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Still at home

I wanted to say something. But I think I am loosing my voice, or maybe, I just can't communicate anymore.

My grandma is 103, my cat is 15 and my mum is 73. I am very scared that I can be saying goodbye to them. After loosing my father I don't know how I will cope with another loss, I don't think I am strong enough.


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