Friday, February 06, 2009

Superior Tribunal Hearing today on Sean Goldman's case

The oficial site é

Today's hearing was at 2pm, GMT -2 time. We don't have access to the results yet, just some brief coments on the Superior Tribunal website:

Leia tudo sobre esse caso de aberracao jurídica na comunidade do orkut:

If you are touched by that story somehow, please spread the news. Any click can help.

É muito sério! Acesse.


1 comment:

carlos said...

My heart goes out to David, Sean and their family. With all the media attention and focus his case has garnered I believe Sean will be able to come home soon. I hope at some point all this media focus on David’s case will lead to someone asking the obvious, what about Mexico? There is a resolution in the House to put pressure on Brazil, but Brazil is more compliant with their Hague obligations than Mexico and only has a small fraction of the 300+ cases of family kidnapping that occur ever year with Children being taken to Mexico. I initiated Hague proceedings in Mexico in August ‘07 and have flown there twice now. The family court judge there has yet to render a verdict and even when she does, irrespective of what it is, I may have to wait out the appeals process.


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