Sunday, June 08, 2008

Criminals in Nottingham over bank holiday

On Sunday morning I swear I saw Robin Hood escaping through dangerous waters. I was about to call the Sheriff but there were too many foreigners gathered for a canoeing competition along the river and I lost track of him. So, my friend Louise and I headed to the city horrified and we definitely were in need of some lunch.

Oh, no! There he was again, near the castle, and I’m sure he ran and hid in there. I did try to find him once more but there were too much Ale on the way, Real ones, and I could not get rid of them.

But then, you see, things do turn around and here I was… I must confess that I committed horrid crimes against nature yesterday. There is probably not an inch of grass in place anymore and Robin Hood might soon come to chase me, together with Greenpeace bores…

Well, I have been advised that Nottingham is a very dangerous place to visit. My arms can tell you, ouch! :-)


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