Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Salami

Gerald was so fascinated by the street market that it was impossible to get him out of there. On his last stop searching for bike brake's bits I left him behind and kept walking to a French stall selling cheese, salumi and confitures.

There was a special offer, any 3 for £10 - bargain! - and I was obviously very interested. The guy was explaining me about the salamis - I'm mad about them - and after he told me the base for all were pork meat he started to show me the combinations. Gerald arrived when the French guy was showing me the horse meat and donkey meat salami... To convince Gerald to taste the black pepper salami after that was quite a task, and he is the type that can eat only pepper itself.

Something is telling me that I will have to eat all special offer salami by myself...

PS. - By the way, I bought plain pork, pork with walnuts and pepper coated salami.

07 Sep 2008 update - Brazilian Independence Day - only last night Gerald had the courage to taste the salami. I opened the walnut one and was eating with cheese bread. I insisted, he didn't want it then I ate that myself. Only after that he sniffed a piece and then ate :-)

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