Friday, September 05, 2008

Car Porn for Women

Many times, while trying to walk, I had to stop for some pictures I wasn't really interested in... Honestly, for me a car is something with four wheels that takes me from A to B, differing from a bicycle just on the number of wheels.

So, London is a fertile ground for whoever enjoys "automobile watching":

This one is small and red -

This one is black -
AAAAAARGH! This one is ORANGE! Who on Earth would buy this?

This one is Smart - This one is a Bentley, parked in prohibited space, about to get a ticket -

What is THAT??????

And a nice little shop - On Chelsea Bridge, once a month there is an old car collectors gathering. Yes, it is ON the Bridge, not around it. And we got off the bus to have a closer look at it -

Don't I look amused? I only know it is a Cadillac because I read at its back:


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