Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Raining day

It's been raining without stop since last Friday. For me, to stay inside the house with a cup of tea and my duvet is just perfect, but Gerald is dying to go out and run... So this morning we had maybe half an hour of sunshine and I told him to go to the park, to what he replied "Are you not coming with me for a walk?"
Well, this is London survival lesson number 1:

Can you see any sunshine? Are you ready to go out? Run to the park and don't waste your time combing your hair or inviting other people to come with you. It can last 5 minutes. If you are lucky, this can happen again for another 5 minutes sometime in the next few months. If not, only next year now, if the SUN turn up for summer.
Welcome to Autumn London.

PS. - This is my fav book. Without reading it you might think Ils sont fous ces anglais!


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