Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm shocked

Well, I've certainly heard about static electricity before, but I was born in Rio de Janeiro, very humid, and that was like snow: something I would only read about and never really experienced, sounding like another "foreign myth".

Until I came to NM... In April it happened a few times, combing my hair and it going up, trying to reach the roof. It was funny then. But now, there is nothing funnier.

We were walking around Walmart, I hold hubby's arms, and there is a shock. I laughed. Then at home, another one. And there was the neighbour's cat which I tried to hold and several shocks came through. And those things start to become more and more frequent, until the time I tried to kiss my hubby and his lips gave me a shock! I know there is some buzz and electricity in love but this is ridiculous!!!

I keep asking Gerald what I can do to stop it and he only laughs... "You will need to get used to this, hun". Are you serious that I will have to go through it all my life from now on???? Help! Any alternatives, please?




Muito curioso. O que será?

Luciene Evans said...

Isso é o que eu chamo de um choque cultural.

Vicky said...

Mas nao eh, Luciene? rsrsrs

Indeed things got better with time. Now, 3 years later, I barely remember having any shocks during the day.


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