Monday, December 22, 2008

Home? Where?

I'm in Rio since ... well, few days ago. Everything is strange without my father around, everything reminds me of him, I cry all the time. I miss living here now, a bit tired of being a foreigner. But I also miss my husband, I miss my own home. Everything will be diferent from now on. Not easy, very challenging, softened by The Hands of God. God brought us together, I have no doubts about that. All the humiliation I suffered living abroad, specially in Italy, will be diferent now. If not upfront and agressive, at least disguised and mellow as now I am married and have my hubby to protect me. And I miss him a lot! No matter what people say, married people are always treated with more respect, as if being single were a sign of any disease. I will be a foreigner for the rest of my life, but with my own family, together in faith.

May God bless us always and the Holy Family bring the real Christmas spirit to all homes and families.

Honey, I can't wait for New Year's day to bring us together again.

I love you!

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the booklady said...

God bless you! It is so hard to miss one(s) we love! I will pray that Our Lord may give you peace and strength in your time of separation. Merry Christmas and blessings in the coming new year!


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