Thursday, December 04, 2008

All You Can See Super Size

Everything is gigantic in the US. I think it's because there is too much land and things tend to expand to occupy all available spaces. It goes for houses, streets, shops, people, restaurant meals...

Every time Gerald was taking me to some fast-food place they were serving the smallest fizzy drink at a size I wouldn't be able to drink in less than 24hs. I would always ask for the small cup, to what Gerald would "upgrade" to a size medium that was usually double than the petite one. My goodness! And I don't even like fizzy drinks.

While milk in the UK is sold by the pint - what for me is a problem as since I was a child I always drank more milk in a day than all my family together - , milk in the US is sold by the gallon! I have no idea how much is that in litres, but it is big, it is huge, and miraculously it lasts for a week!!!!

In a restaurant the first time I saw my order it was scary: more food than I could eat in 3 days. And we ordered not only the main meal (why on Earth do they call it "Entrée"? Can someone teach those Yankees some French, please? "Entrée" means Starter!!!!!) but we asked for some appetisers too. I was in panic, what would I do with all that food? A little bit I could leave on my plate but, a full meal? No way! To what Gerald explained me that no one is expected to finish their meal, but to take half of it home and the restaurants are all prepared and have boxes available for that purpose!!! This is a whole new world for me, that is for sure. I think the problem starts when some people don't know that this is done in purpose and try to stuff themselves with everything on the table. That sight is very scary indeed!



the booklady said...

I concur! American meal portions are huge. My husband and I constantly bemoan the 'bigger is better' mentality which started way back when and now just seems to have taken on a life of its own. 'Would you like that super-sized?' is our joke phrase, but I fear it isn't very funny when you look around at the number of grossly overweight people in our society, especially the young. It has reached epidemic proportions. Ah but this was about your vacation! Hope it was a good one!

I lived in the UK for four years and loved it.

God bless, booklady

Ju said...

I have never thought about that before, prima! I think I was sooo adapted to the American way that these things never crossed my mind… 8/ And I really love the double sized everything policy… Huahuahuahua!

Get used to it, babe!


PS: a gallon has 3.785 liters. I have done the conversion once….. ;)


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