Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy European Advertisement

I love this advert. It is a new campaign on British TV. For me, it is innocent funny, but my hubby found it saucy. Really? Or is that somewhat showing cultural differences? I don't have any parameter as I never lived in the US. Roughly I know it is a puritan society. I saw him blushing with a bra advert. He turned to me and asked, "Has she just said 'bra for big boobed women' ?". In the UK people say that all the time, on TV and everywhere else. If it is rude or not I don't have any idea, English is not my first language, I miss certain subtleties.
Well, I think it will take some time until learn what is acceptable and what is not in social circles in the US. Until then I will play safe, staying quiet. If I say something very wrong, my apologies, but tell me first what the problem is , I can't guess.



Pixie said...

Hi Vicky,

thanks for stopping by my blog! As an American living in the UK, I can say that I am shocked at some of the things that are said on telly and in the media, but I don't think it is that different than the states really. We just don't have the nudity on telly that is here in England....the language is just as bad tho.

beeker said...

I thought this was so funny. Thanks for sharing!


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