Monday, May 04, 2009

London Sunday

For weeks we've been planing to have a Sunday Roast in a pub. In my modest opinion if you never tried it is the same as going to Paris without having a crepe, or to Brazil and not try a rodízio.

The plan was to go to mass, then roast, then a walk to the museum, explore everything and return home by 6:30pm so we could watch The Adventures of Young Sherlock on tv.

I think my hubby hasn't realised how disgusting things can be at the Saatchi Gallery. But it is ok, I'm curious too, we can have a good laugh to say the least. After I've seen a glass of water hanging on the wall of the Tate Modern and people calling that art, I've decided I am now a peach and the best I can appreciate in that Museum is its architecture. Certainly things are much more pleasant at the Tate Britain instead, and much more to my taste.

Well, I'm a woman, and Sunday morning woke me up with a stonking headache for some reason. I decided to clean the house before heading out, lunch was eaten around 3pm, we walked until the Museum to find it closed and Mass was in a different parish that I wanted to show hubby and it happened to be starting at the exact time we arrived for the tour.

Thank Lord tomorrow is banking holiday, we will try the museum again. Or plan B: Greenwich. What I firmly believe, will be more interesting.



the booklady said...

Oh my goodness! They actually put that in a museum and call it 'Art'?! It's a glass of water and no amount of calling it a tree makes it one. I've been to the old Tate Museum...didn't know there were two Tates?! Maybe it was there and I just wasn't interested? Or is it new?

How was the roast? The picture of it looks so good, my mouth is watering!

Vicky said...

My friend, the Modern Tate is fairly new, from 2001 or so. The building is beautiful, there are interesting works of art, but for me, lots of pieces screaming "you are an idiot to think this is art". So, as there are so many things to do in London, I prefer to spend my time somewhere else.

And the roast, yes, it was really good. But I am still to find that perfect one.

Suggestions, anyone?


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